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COCAD 2015 is the organizing committee of the 2nd African Youth Championship in athletics. It consists of about 20 members and directors across several departments. The work by COCAD has started over 6 months prior to the games with monthly meetings amongst the board directors to ensure a good coordination between the departments in addition to frequent meeting between department members.

The vision of the committee is to have a successful, top-level, fair championship and a fully packed stadium with youths, young The CommitteeCOCAD15 Committee athletes and athletics enthusiasts in order to promote athletics and sports in general amongst youngsters as well as give Mauritius a youthful, powerful and dynamic image through this sporting event. As such these past months the committee have been working diligently to: look for sponsors who are now about 30 in numbers and are duly thanked as without them a competition of this scale would not be possible; ensure suitable accommodation and transport for athletes and the delegation; promoting the games through this website, Facebook page, magazine, flyers and posters; promote athletics amongst youths; and ensure a fair, doping free competition.

To promote the championship and athletics amongst youth, COCAD has involved youngsters and young athletes in the making of the official championship anthem as well as the design of the mascot. Moreover with the help of the ministry of education and the ministry of youth and sports, COCAD has launched a national pedagogical contest amongst the different high schools (college) of the country named “Un Collège-Un Pays” (a high school- a country) to further promote the games amongst high schools students and youngsters.